Tao MacLeod

Editor & Producer

Tao has been involved in media for several years. A trained photographer, with experience of writing sports articles and covering events such as the World Cup and EuroHockey Championships, he has contributed to a number of publications and outlets, including hockey website The Hockey Family, The Hockey World News and The Reverse Stick; Global Hockey Podcast.

Duncan Gray

Writer & Photographer

Duncan Gray is a sports photographer and occasional writer based near Glasgow. He principally covers Hockey and American Football, ignores the traditional Scottish football but keeps an interest in promoting many minor sports. His website is at www.duncolm.photography and he can be found on social media as @duncolmsports.

Ross Stott

Hockey Correspondent

Ross Stott is a former Scottish Hockey international, who has gone to two Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010 and Glasgow 2014 and has played over 100 times for his country. Hailing from Tayside, he started out with his local club Dundee Wanderers, before moving to play for Kelburne Hockey Club. After this he moved to England, where he played for Bowdon H.C. Now he is in his second stint at East Grinstead H.C.

Dan Pratt

Korfball Correspondent

Dan Pratt is a player for Edinburgh City Korfball Club, which is one of the foremost teams within the country. As an international player, he has also acted as vice-captain and captain of the Scotland National Team. Originally starting his career in his home town of London, where he captained Croydon Korfball Club, Dan has also played the sport in the Netherlands, which is the top league in the world. Now he plays and coaches in Scotland’s capital city for both the Edinburgh University and Edinburgh City Korfball Clubs.

Gary Wright


Gary Wright is a well known hockey coach in and around the Edinburgh area. Currently he is the coach at Fidra Lions Hockey Club, which is based in the Scottish region of East Lothian and has been a part of the set up at Waverly Inveresk Trinity H.C. He is also the brains behind hockey brand Wright Performance. Originating from Sunderland, Gary has lived in Scotland for over two decades and has had experiences of coaching both children and adults throughout his career. More recently he has been a coach developer for Great Britain Hockey.

Dr. Jimi Wills

Technical Media Consultant

In conjunction with his role at The Half Court Press, Jimi is the Scottish Metabolomics Network Media Coordinator, and has previous experience of web programming and consultancy, music recording, event photography and digital editing. Jimi represented his school on the hockey field, started taekwondo in 1991, and enjoys all skatepark sports.

Suzie Sinclair Hamill


Suzie is a well known hockey coach around the East District region of Scottish Hockey. As well as having worked in a variety of schools over the years, as a sports educator, she is the Youth Convenor at Dunfermline Carnegie Hockey Club. Regular listeners to the Half Court Press Podcast might recognise her from season two, ‘Behind the Kitbag’, season four, ‘View from the Touchline’ and season five ‘Whistle Blowers’, where she talked about her role as a match official. In addition to being heavily involved in hockey, Suzie is also a fan of rugby union…