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Women’s Hockey World Cup

Spain and the Netherlands 2022

Match Day 10

Tuesday 12 July


South Africa 0 – 1 Chile

Ireland 1 – 3 China

New Zealand 0 – 1 Germany

Netherlands 2 – 1 Belgium

South Africa v Chile (13th – 16th) Picture: Josefa Salas WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

What’s Happened Today

South Africa 0 – 1 Chile; we started the day with another of the classification matches that help rank the teams that haven’t qualified for the chance of a medal. Chile perhaps edged the first quarter, having earned short corners in the first 15 minutes. However, we went into the break goalless. Chile started the second quarter with a bit more ambition than their opponents. They had a gilt edged opportunity, however, Phumelela Mbande adjusted well in the South African goal to keep the ball out of the back of the net. South Africa looked to get one for themselves, they even forced a decent save from Claudia Schuler in the Chilean goal, but to no avail. The score remained the same at the half time break. Manuela Urroz broke the deadlock for Chile, in the 43rd minute. It was a good looking goal, that was well celebrated by their coach Sergio Vigil, high up in the stands. With a little over three minutes of the match left, the South Africans swap their goalkeeper for an additional outfield player, in search for an equaliser. It was to no avail, however, as Chile ran out one nil winners. 

Ireland 1 – 3 China; after a series of short corners, China took the lead in their classification match against Ireland. In a fairly even game both teams had periods of dominance in possession. It was also a bitty contest, with a few unforced errors from both sides and several players sin binned after receiving cards. After Ireland lost their right to a referral, China put away another short corner in the 48th minute. Jiaqi Zhong got the all important touch. Three minutes later, they added a third with the game’s first field goal. Yanhua Chen slapped the ball first time, from a pass from outside of the circle, to send the ball into Ayeisha McFerran’s left hand post. With two minutes of the game left on the clock, Ireland got one back. Michelle Carey bagged a deflection to send the goalkeeper the wrong way. 

New Zealand 0 – 1 Germany; in the first of the Quarter Finals, we saw Pool B winners take on Germany, who got to this point via a crossover match. It was the Germans who very nearly took an early lead after they hit the post, but it wasn’t to be this time around. Germany finally opened the scoring in the second quarter, with a relatively well taken and direct field goal and finished off by Lena Micheel. Brooke Roberts made several good saves in the first half, keeping the German forwards at bay. The Central Europeans hit the post a second time, via the Kiwi goalkeeper, after she made another good stop. Germany went on to dominate the third period, but struggled to convert. New Zealand very nearly made them pay when Olivia Merry sent a short corner shot just wide of the post. Germany held out and went through to the Semi Finals with a one nil win. 

New Zealand v Germany (Quarterfinal) Picture: Lena Micheel celebrating her 0-1 goal with Pia Maertens and Nike Lorenz WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Netherlands 2 – 1 Belgium; the headline game of the day is, of course, the Netherlands versus Belgium, in this Central European derby. It has been described as the ‘Battle of the Lowlands’, with Belgium looking to get one over their larger neighbours. The Dutch turned out in force, in Amstelveen, to support their team and brought a fun atmosphere. The Dutch took the lead after forcing a Belgium error through a high press. Their midfield intercepted a Red Panther free hit, before working it into the circle. A two versus one on the Belgian goalkeeper saw Laurien Leurink score a back post tap in on the 14th minute. Belgium press a bit higher in the second quarter and gained some possession in ambitious areas. However, they were unable to create any clear cut chances. The beginning of the second half suffered a bit from the third quarter blues, with the tempo dipping a bit. Charlotte Englebert did well to win a short corner, which was duly tucked away from an Alix Gerniers deflection. Belgium defended well and nullified the Dutch to an extent. An outstanding bit of magic from Freeke Moes, with an element of good luck opened the game back up, as she dribbled across the baseline, rode a tackle and saw her cross turned in off of the Belgian goalkeeper. The Dutch looked to control the game, slowing down play, only going forward when the opportunity presented itself. Freeke Moes then hit the post in the last few minutes. The score remains the same, with the Dutch advancing to the Semi Finals in Spain. 

Netherlands v Belgium (Quarterfinal Picture: Netherlands celebrate the 2-1 by Freeke Moes WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Best Goal

Chile moved the ball forward through a left hand channel. On the 25 yard line, the South Africans were hunting in numbers, to stop the run forward. At this point, the ball was squared to the right hand side, before being sent into the circle at a 45 degree angle. Manuela Urroz picked it up on her strong side. She forced Phumelela Mbande to commit, before she slid it behind the goalkeeper with a reverse stick push. It was a lovely goal. 

Star Player

Nike Lorenz was an absolute rock in the German midfield. She was strong defensively and then helped to develop attacking moves at the other end of the pitch. She seemed to be everywhere today. She’s been one of the stars for her team in this tournament so far. She did, in fact, receive the Player of the Match Award from the television producers. 


Favourite Moment

A bit of showboating from China’s Jiaqi Zhong almost came off, in the dying moments of her match against Ireland. As she received the ball of the right of the circle, she was aware of Ayeisha McFerran, Ireland’s goalkeeper, approaching her to narrow the angle. With her back to goal, Zhong, lifted the ball onto her stick, before flicking it over the head of the onrushing keeper. It didn’t manage to go in, being well defended by the recovering Irish full backs, but it added a little sprinkle of magic to the tournament. 

Ireland v China (9th – 12th) Picture: China scored 0-2. Ayeisha McFerran (GK) dissappointed. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Match Day 10 Top Goal Scorers

New Zealand v Germany (Quarterfinal) Picture: Nike Lorenz dragflicks WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK