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Women’s Hockey World Cup

Spain and the Netherlands 2022

Match Day 13

Sunday 17 July


Australia 2 – 0 Germany

Netherlands 3 – 1 Argentina

Australia v Germany (3th – 4th) Picture: Pia Maertens & Rosie Malone WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT RODRIGO JARAMILLO

What’s Happened Today

Australia 2 – 0 Germany; we started off with the Bronze Medal Match. It has been described as the game that nobody wants to be in, however to come third in a World Cup is not something to be sniffed at. It was the Germans who opened the scoring, with a Lena Micheels field goal in the 13th minute. The second quarter became quite bitty, with moves from either team breaking down. The half finished with Germany winning by one goal to nil. Pia Maertens nearly scored after she waltzed through the middle of the Australian defence and struck a shot against the goalkeeper’s pads. The Australians then quickly counter attacked. They could have scored, but Rosie Malone didn’t find her team mate in a two versus one situation on Nathalie Kubalski. Jocelyn Bartram then made a fantastic save at the other end, after the Germans created an even better two versus one on her, in the Australian goal. Her efforts paid off. 

Stephanie Kershaw found an equaliser in the fourth period, with a demonstration of individual grit and bristle. The Germans referred the goal, but Ayanna McClean in the video booth allowed Kershaw’s first of the tournament to stand. Seven minutes later, Stephanie Kershaw got a second to put her side in the lead for the first time in the match. Claire Colwill advanced on to the left hand side of the circle and took a shot as soon as she crossed the line. Nathalie Kubalski made a left footed save, but didn’t kick it far enough. Kershaw sprinted into the area and finished with a first time tap for an open back post goal. That’s how the game finished, with the team that finished fourth in London 2018, getting the bronze medal this time around. 

Australia v Germany (3th – 4th) Picture: Lena Micheel celebrates her 0-1 goal. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Netherlands 3 – 1 Argentina; the final game of the day is the Final itself, the Gold Medal Match.The stadium in Terrassa was the fullest that it has been all tournament. The Argentine fans were louder than the Dutch in the opening stages of the game. Apparently there’s a strong Latin American presence in Spain. The Dutch looked to impose themselves with some lovely passing moves. However, the Argentinians held firm, as Augustina Gorzelany put in some fine blocks at the back. The score remained goalless in the first period. The first goal of the contest came from a Dutch penalty corner. It was a pushed shot sent down to the right hand side of Belen Succi, in the goal. As she stopped it, the ball bounced to the side and spun backwards. Maria Verschoor was alive to the loose ball and pounced for a tap in at the near post. Argentina referred the decision, claiming that their goalkeeper was impeded as she tried to save the rebound, but they were clearly clutching at straws and they lost their right to protest. 

Netherlands v Argentina (Final) Picture: Agustina Gorzelany and Laurien Leurink WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK
Netherlands v Argentina (Final) The Netherlands won the 2022 World Cup. Picture: Marloes Keetels (C) won her last match and World Cup title with the Netherlands WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

In the 23rd minute the Netherlands took advantage of a lapse in concentration in the Argentinian press. Three players combined to make two passes and one shot, to score a goal, where the ball travelled nearly the length of the pitch. Frédérique Matla finished off a move which gave her team a two goal lead. The Netherlands really tied one on in the second quarter, barely letting their opponents out of their own half. In fact the Latin Americans have to defend several set pieces to keep the score down. In defending one of these short corners, Belen Succi appeared to injure herself, as we saw her limp off the pitch for half time. A 35th minute field goal from Felice Albers looked to finish off the Pan American champions. Felice Albers, who has been splendid throughout this World Cup, capped off a beautifully crafted Dutch move from the bottom left side of the pitch to the central right hand channel to score their third. In the 43rd minute Belen Succi looked to have been hurt again, from another short corner. In the last interval the score was three nil to the Netherlands. Argentina come out fighting in the fourth quarter. With the Dutch having picked up a green card late in the last period, the Argentines won a short corner. Augustina Gorzelany duly delivered as she drag flicked the ball in to the roof of the net. The Dutch played in a style that we have come to expect of them; pass and move, transition together, work hard for each other. Additionally, they nullified the Argentinians, not allowing them to run with the ball into attacking areas. A three one win for them is much deserved. 

Netherlands v Argentina (Final) Picture: Jamilon Mülders WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT RODRIGO JARAMILLO

Best Goal

Lena Micheel’s opening goal in the Bronze Medal Match was notable for it’s directness and its efficiency. A charge down the right wing from her team mate saw some space open up at the top right hand side of the circle. A slipped pass was received by Micheels, who took a touch before burying the ball into the backboard. 

The Dutch took an even more of a direct route to goal, in the Grande Finale. Laurien Leurink picked up a pass from one of her team mates at full back. She carried the ball to create an angle, before slipping a pass about 15/20 yards forward to Frédérique Matla upfront. She’d drifted into space to receive the ball, after Sofia Tocallino was caught ball watching. Matla received the ball and forced Belen Succi to commit to the ground, before smashing the shot into the netting. 

The best goal of the day was another end to end Dutch attack. A lovely give and go in the left back position saw Eva de Goede come forward with the ball. She swept it from left to right to Freeke Moes in the centre of midfield, who then used a lovely bit of skill to eliminate an Argentine opponent. She played Felice Albers in plenty of space, who used her pace to drive towards Belen Succi in goal. A calm finish at great pace capped off a world class move. 

Netherlands v Argentina (Final) Picture: Felice Albers scoring her 3-0 goal against Maria-Belen Succi (GK) WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Star Player

Jocelyn Bartram (GK) is player of the match WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT RODRIGO JARAMILLO

Although Stephanie Kershaw will deservedly get a lot of headlines back home in Australia, due to her two goals and match winning performance, it was her team mate at the other end of the pitch that kept her side in the same. Jocelyn Bartram made several good saves from short corners and in open play. The stop that she dug out from behind her, when the two German forwards looked certain to score against her, was one of the best moments of the game. In addition to her bronze medal, Jocelyn Bartram took home the Player of the Match Award. 

The star of the day and one of the stars of the tournament, for me, has to have been Felice Albers of the Netherlands. Her running with the ball was a constant threat to the Argentinians. Her goal which finished off her opponents, capped off a wonderful move, which encapsulated the Dutch style of play.

Favourite Moment

Netherlands v Argentina (Final) Picture: Jamilon Mülders in the 4th quarter WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Stephanie Kershaw’s equaliser for Australia wasn’t only a leveller in the third place playoff, but her first of the tournament. It wasn’t necessarily a good team goal, but one of individual determination. As she cut inside from the left wing, she looked to make a pass to a team mate in a better position. It was cut out before reaching its target, but Kershaw pounced on the second phase. She forced it past German defenders and into space, before she unleashed an absolute bullet of a shot. I loved it. 

My favourite moment of the day, though, came at half time of the final. Jamilon Mülders, the Dutch coach, was asked how he would help his team in the second half, what he would change to keep on winning. He promptly said that any changes would come from the players. This is an important part of any coaching philosophy. To know when to take a step back and trust the players is a useful tool. It was lovely to see such trust from somebody in a position of authority and responsibility, putting his own reputation on the line, whilst simultaneously showing a lot of faith in his colleagues. The message in a bottle here, is to know when to let clever players just play in a clever way. It’s a players game…


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TERRASSA 2022 Women’s World Cup Picture: Australia won the bronze medal. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK
TERRASSA 2022 Women’s World Cup Picture: Argentina took the silver. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK
TERRASSA 2022 Women’s World Cup The Netherlands won the 2022 World Cup. Picture: WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

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